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MAY 21-23  |  Rhode Island Convention Center - Providence, RI


Stop by booth #519 for a demo of our complete case management software

For Law Enforcement. By Law Enforcement.

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Simplifies and streamlines police report creation and breaks down complex investigations into small, manageable pieces of information. It's a new kind of records management.


Increase visibility, sort through what is actionable and what isn’t, assess the risk of repeat offenders and improve solvability. Integrated solutions help investigators connect the dots.


Responds to complicated requests with clear and consistent results, enabling deep data mining and easy report rendering. Experience the powerful analytics engine.

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About CrimeCenter Software


CrimeCenter Software is a complete case management system that captures, organizes and allows for easy analysis of data coming into a police department or precinct from incident and intelligence to investigation and arrest.

Designed by law enforcement experts, CrimeCenter Software is designed to relieve the common case management pain points – with more than 200 standard reports plus unlimited customizations and a smart document approach. Headquartered in Newark, New Jersey, CrimeCenter Software is strategically located about 15 miles west of New York City.

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