Police Case Management Software

Investigate, Track & Clear Cases Faster

Cloud-based, CJIS-compliant software that helps reduce caseloads and improve clearance rates. Optimize case intake, collaboration and management with easy-to-use tools from CrimeCenter. Certified law enforcement agencies only.


Trusted by 35,000+ Law Enforcement Officers


CrimeCenter was built by former NYPD supervisors, detectives, crime scene investigators and IT managers. Our Software and Enterprise products are trusted by more than 35,000 sworn law enforcement officers and deployed in over 75 units, many for over a decade.

Build Cases with Tools that Don’t Slow Down the Investigation

Send tips and leads from the field to your case file in seconds. Find details on persons, locations and property without paging through documents. Automate redundant data entry and remove busy work.

Focus Your Team on Only the Most Actionable Info

Assign tasks within investigative teams and start tracking them immediately. Know which leads have been followed up on and by whom. Share case info and reports with work units, departments and the DA’s office.

Capture All Your Investigative Data in One Place

CrimeCenter simplifies your investigation workflow with integrations for over a dozen law enforcement databases including criminal history, motor vehicles, CAD, RMS, LEEP, N-DEx and NCIC.

24/7 Secure Access from Your Pocket

CrimeCenter Software is hosted on Microsoft’s secure government cloud. This affords secure, 24/7/365 access from any authorized desktop, laptop or mobile device (Android®, iOS®). The solution deploys in minutes and is operational immediately, from anywhere. All without servers, hardware or IT.

Police Case Management Software


Basic Users
  • Certified law enforcement agencies only
  • Free forever for unlimited Basic users
  • Add Advanced users for $75/user per month

Looking For More?

CrimeCenter Enterprise is a complete incident and records management software suite for large law enforcement and public safety agencies. Criminal history, motor vehicles, FBI and NCIC databases can be integrated easily. The solution features NIBRS-compliant incident reporting, intelligence management, advanced analytics, tips, and leads, OIS and use of force management, and much more.