About CrimeCenter

Technology that powers real police work.

CrimeCenter is a complete case management system designed by law enforcement experts, for law enforcement experts. With real-time intelligence tools and trends analysis, CrimeCenter Software gives police departments and law enforcement agencies better visibility into all aspects of Incident, investigation, intelligence and evidence management.


Unlike piecemeal records management software that is simply bolted onto a CAD-based 911 system, CrimeCenter is an inclusive, easy to use, single, customizable solution that even integrates with commonly accessed records databases such as Motor Vehicles, FBI and NCIC. All the information you need is available right in your CrimeCenter dashboard. No need to log in and out of various external systems to gather data.


On the front-end, the system simplifies and speeds report creation with an incremental smart document approach that present only the forms and fields you need and pre-fills any duplicate information. On the back-end, investigators, detectives and officers can automate much of what has traditionally required flipping through hundreds of pages of paper reports full of ancillary information.

And it’s future proof. CrimeCenter technology maintains cutting-edge capabilities with updates that keep current with crime trends and new investigative techniques. The application also enables agencies to track statistics to feed required reporting and meet any new national standards that may become mandatory.


The CrimeCenter technology is innovative and flexible, and although built with the largest forces in mind, the software has a modular design and that makes it affordable, accessible and scalable for every-sized department. More than just records management, CrimeCenter complete case management is integrated, inclusive, easy-to-use and incredibly consistent. Every time.

Leadership Team

Mike Cunningham Headshot

Michael Cunningham | Operations Manager

Michael is a seasoned member of law enforcement with more than 27 years of experience in the New York City Police Department. He achieved Detective First Grade in December 2009 and, although now retired from the department, stays active in the industry instructing courses in forensics and response to terrorist incidents. Michael has also trained international law enforcement teams on antiterrorism police procedures and is author of Crime Scene Unit Management: A Path Forward.

Dan Leston | Managing Partner

With more than 30 years of IT experience, Dan has dedicated the last two decades to designing, developing and supporting mission critical law enforcement systems for the New York Police Department. As a trusted partner to the NYPD, Dan has worked closely with the agency to deliver records management and case management solutions. Prior experience included development and support of large scale case management systems and human resources/payroll systems.

Jorge Abrantes | Managing Partner

Jorge brings to bear 20 years of technical work in categories such as application architecture, development, network infrastructure, wireless communications, and system maintenance. He has run point as lead developer on large scale projects across a variety of diverse industries, from banking to healthcare. As one of our official tech-heads, Jorge is still well-versed in leveraging that technology for law enforcement, and currently develops and supports large scale applications for the New York Police Department.

James Belrose | Client Engagement Manager

James Belrose is an experienced law enforcement manager serving 22 years in various commands within the New York Police Department’s Transit Bureau, Housing Bureau, Information Technology Bureau, and Detective Bureau before retiring as a Lieutenant Commander Detective. He now uses his experience with the NYPD as a Client Engagement Manager for CrimeCenter. As a Client Engagement Manager, he’s responsible for client relationships, leveraging industry knowledge to resolve complex client issues, serving as a liaison between law enforcement agencies and the CrimeCenter team and supporting technical and operational areas of the business.

James Winslow | Systems Representative

James Winslow is a retired Deputy Inspector of the New York City Police Department. James formerly served as the Commanding Officer of the Manhattan Internal Affairs Group overseeing case management and Officer Involved Shootings. James also served as the Commanding Officer of the Manhattan Court Section supervising two hundred sworn Officers and managing over 100,000 arrests and arraignments annually. With 30 years of experience and a Master’s Degree in Public Administration, he leverages his extensive industry knowledge to support CrimeCenter as a Systems Representative. Responsible for system testing and assisting in the design of CrimeCenter Software, James helps public safety agencies with consulting, training and implementing CrimeCenter Software.

Ed Dingman | Software Consultant

Ed Dingman is a retired 2nd Grade Detective with 20 years of experience from the New York City Police Department Crime Scene Unit. Ed has held multiple positions in the forensics and investigations space, and is a seasoned and respected professional in the field. Together with CrimeCenter Manager Mike Cunningham in 2007, they formed the Special Projects Team within that same NYPD unit. Ed currently teaches law enforcement worldwide in conjunction with the Department of State Anti-Terrorism Assistance program and in the United States with Louisiana State University. Now serving as a Consultant at CrimeCenter, Ed tests the software and trains law enforcement on the CrimeCenter Software solution.

Ed Wallace | Software Consultant

Ed Wallace is an experienced, certified Senior Crime Scene Analyst and retired First Grade Detective from the New York City Police Department. Ed has more than 20 years of experience in Crime Scene Investigation, Shooting Reconstruction, Bloodstain Pattern Analysis, Fire Investigation, Post Blast Investigation, Hazardous Materials, Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear, and Explosives and Counterterrorism Investigations. Since retiring from the NYPD, Ed develops and teaches national and international training curriculum in the fields of Forensics, Death Investigations and Counter-Terrorism for the United States Departments’ of: Homeland Security, Justice, State, and Defense. Ed has co-authored four texts books—Crime Scene Investigation, Practical Crime Scene Investigations for Hot Zones, Forensic Evidence: Investigation to Courtroom and Crime Scene Unit Management: A Path Forward. Now, as a Consultant at CrimeCenter, Ed works directly with law enforcement to assist in the training and implementation of CrimeCenter software.

Hiren Patel | Senior Software Engineer

Hiren has over 12 years of experience in IT, with the majority of those years spent as a senior software engineer where he worked on design and development of the agency’s enterprise case management system for the New York Police Department. He specializes in object-oriented analysis and design with expertise in Java, J2EE and Web Services distributed computing. In addition to his technical involvement, Hiren leads a small team responsible for the day-to-day development of the CrimeCenter software.

Marc Ritter | Senior Software Developer

Marc has nearly two decades of experience in enterprise software design and development within various industries. His most recent position was as a senior software engineer at ACT where he worked on the company’s computer adaptive testing SaaS technology. In his current position at CrimeCenter, he is a key member of the software development team – spearheading the process of integrating new features and evolving the company’s current offerings to continue to meet the needs of law enforcement agencies across the country.

Randy Gluck | Business Development Manager

Randy Gluck has dedicated over 30 years of his career working in and serving the public safety sector. With close ties to New York City public safety, Randy has held various business development and leadership roles in tier 1 911 CAD/Law Enforcement/Fire Records Management & Drone Response software firms. Randy is a true partner to client law enforcement agencies of all sizes and strives to provide valuable solutions to the everyday challenges that officers face. He resides in Raleigh, NC and remains active volunteering in the Raleigh Police Department bike patrol program.