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  1. police records management systems vs case management software

    Police Records Management Systems vs. Case Management: What’s the Difference?

    Here’s what RMS really is – and isn’t – and how a case management platform can help fill in the gaps.

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  2. A Guide to Conducting Bifurcated Police Use of Force Investigations

    There’s a lot to keep track of in bifurcated police use of force investigations. Here are tips to stay organized and compliant.

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  3. Police Use of Force Incidents: 6 Review Guidelines

    In this blog, we cover what standards to follow when reviewing police use of force incident reports.

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  4. Police Use of Force Reports: 4 Key Documentation Standards

    In this blog, we cover 4 high-level standards to follow when putting police use of force reports together, no matter the severity of the incident.

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  5. Social Distancing & Policing During COVID-19

    The world has changed due to COVID-19, which means policing has to change too. Here are some recommendations from our team of retired NYPD detectives.

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  6. How Law Enforcement Operations Can Adapt to COVID-19

    Here’s how law enforcement agencies can leverage a patrol team and remote support team to minimize one-on-one interactions while maximizing information sharing.

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  7. Protecting Law Enforcement Officers During the Coronavirus

    Resources for law enforcement agencies and officers to prevent the spread of the coronavirus and maintain adequate force levels.

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  8. How the Coronavirus Impacts Law Enforcement Continuity of Operations

    In this blog, we take a deeper dive into the coronavirus’ impact on law enforcement and Continuity of Operations (COOP).

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  9. How to Balance Investigator Caseload: 3 Considerations

    Crime doesn’t wait for your investigative unit to have bandwidth. So how can you possibly manage and balance caseload with such variability? Here are three things to consider that will help drive efficiency and solvability.

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