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  1. Police Case Management: Top 6 IT Problems

    Police case management in the digital age is moving fast, and departments are struggling to keep up. Here are the top 6 IT problems and how to solve them.

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  2. How to Earn (and Maintain) Law Enforcement Subject Matter Expertise

    Here’s how you can become a law enforcement subject matter expert – and stay relevant post-retirement.

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  3. 4 Steps for Managing Crime Tips & Leads More Accurately

    When you have a time-sensitive investigation, quick follow-up on tips and leads is critical to ensuring nothing slips through the cracks. Here’s how to streamline your workflow.

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  4. The State of Policing in America: Lawlessness Needs to End

    The empowerment of lawlessness has documented, measurable and detrimental impact — including attacks on police officers, low officer morale, less enforcement of crimes, less arrests and a lower quality of life in our communities.

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  5. Life After Law Enforcement: Career and Retirement Options

    Planning is key when choosing a career track in law enforcement. And while your retirement may be 25 to 30 years away, it’s never too early to think about life post-job.

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  6. What is Criminal Intelligence Database Software?

    Before an investigation, there’s a crime. And before a crime, there are usually signs of criminal activity or intent. Here’s how law enforcement can capture intelligence data to better inform the investigative process.

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  7. Police Officer Safety & Wellness: We Need to Focus on Mental Health

    Law enforcement mental health is just as important as physical health, emphasizes Ed Wallace in his latest commentary.

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  8. Protecting First Responders & Civilians: Why We Need the VCF [Opinion]

    In his latest commentary, retired detective Ed Wallace provides a first-hand look at the situation at Ground Zero … and why first responders and impacted civilians need the Victims Compensation Fund.

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  9. Facial Recognition Software for Fighting Crime: To Ban or Not to Ban

    Facial Recognition Software has been getting a lot of attention as of late due to recent bans. Why is the technology being banned – and what can be done to make the most of the tech while staying in the bounds of privacy?

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