Incident Response & Reporting

The information you need—at your fingertips.

From the moment a 911 call initializes to incident report preparation, CrimeCenter has the ability to support patrol-level police work with a web-based interface. Our NIBRS and UCR compliant platform powers all aspects of response and reporting making it easier to gather all the information you need while in the field. With no software to install, patrol officers can utilize CrimeCenter on tablets, laptops, and mobile devices to capture documentation right at the scene.

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Investigation Management

Manage investigations with better clarity than ever before.

When it comes to recording investigative information, many agencies rely on a records management system where follow-up information is entered on generic supplements in narrative form. Fine for memorializing text, but when you need to gain insight into case progression or dig down into the details to find links and patterns these basic tools are often little better than paper file folders.

Investigations take many forms and a one size fits all approach to case management can leave holes in the process, allowing important details to slip through the cracks. That’s why CrimeCenter uses incident driven smart folders to power different types of investigations and guide workflows. From property crimes to major homicides and from narcotics to missing persons, CrimeCenter has a proven case management solution.

CrimeCenter’s document-centric architecture provides better visibility into all aspects of investigation management, allowing you to manage workloads, keep abreast of what’s been done in a case and what hasn’t, assess solvability and efficiently record and track follow-up activities. It can even integrate with existing CAD or RMS systems to provide a solid starting point for investigations.

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Intelligence Management

Empower decision-making and stay compliant

Manage intelligence investigations, situation reporting and updates, intelligence tips and leads, suspicious activity reporting, threat reporting and security assessments. Leverage local and national intelligence and make it more actionable with a rating system that records information based on the nature and reliability of the source and the value and validity of the content.

Sort through what’s actionable and what isn’t, assess risk and improve collaboration by linking case files and assets and importing case information from queries and disparate information sources. Conduct link analysis on a single case or across entire master indexes and import data from other sources to include in link charts.

Secure information by indicating the security clearance for system users. Documents can then be classified to restrict access to only properly credentialed users. Individual Intelligence cases can be silo-ed within an individual team or shared more broadly to authorized users throughout the agency according to need.

Not only that, but CrimeCenter ensures security and automates the complex and burdensome tracking, reviewing and purging of intelligence data required for 28 CFR Part 23 compliance.

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Analytics & Reporting

Better visibility, improved solvability

Structured data going in, means better results coming out. Deep data mining and report rendering are quick, easy, accurate and pertinent. What has traditionally required flipping through hundreds of pages of paper reports full of peripheral information becomes as simple as a quick search with CrimeCenter.

CrimeCenter’s powerful analytics engine responds to even complicated requests with incredibly clear and consistent results, every time.

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Assignments Management

Task personnel and track assigned activities and responses

Whether an assignment is related to an investigative case or is simply a stand-alone task, CrimeCenter makes it easy to manage and document it all. Assignments trigger e-mail notifications to the person being tasked and dues dates can be added and tracked, and assignment responses can be automatically routed to a designated case folder.

Supervisors have the ability to view a top-line list of assignments in dashboards and reports allowing for quick review and action on overdue assignments. Assignments not only facilitate workflow, but they give managers the power to know what’s done and when.

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Use of Force & OIS Management

Enable sophisticated internal investigations

The use of force is an unavoidable byproduct of policing. Every day officers are expected to confront the most dangerous individuals and take them into custody to protect society. During the process officers are sometimes assaulted themselves and frequently left with no choice but to respond with necessary force. However, use of force always demands proper documentation and review and if its an officer involved shooting (OIS) an immediate and thorough investigation is required.

These incidents often garner high profile attention and public scrutiny. If the investigation is not perceived to be properly managed and thoroughly documented, the entire agency can suffer. CrimeCenter provides the framework to document each occurrence where force is used and our OIS case folders will ensure the investigation is methodically completed from on-scene investigations to officer interviews to findings of a review board.

Tracking and reporting statistics for use of force and officer involved shootings is a growing national trend. CrimeCenter provides the analytics to empower sophisticated internal investigations and manage risk while preparing for the potential of mandatory reporting.

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Crime Scene Management

Keep crime scene information organized and accessible

CrimeCenter powers a methodical and systematic process that enables Crime Scene Investigators (CSIs) to thoroughly document a crime scene and then instantly share the forensic information with supervisors, crime lab personnel, prosecutors and criminal investigators.

CrimeCenter’s unique smart folder structure is ideally designed to drive the process while capturing the CSI’s observations and processing results right at the scene with our web-based interface.

Archive and upload rime scene photos, videos and sketches. Create and annotate diagrams, charts and maps with markups and hyperlinks to develop interactive presentations for court. Log physical evidence with images attached and maintain a complete chain of custody.

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Tips & Lead Management

Organize, Prioritize and Follow-Up

The stakes are high in law enforcement—accuracy and quick follow-up on tips and leads is critical to ensure nothing can slip through the cracks. CrimeCenter’s full suite of features allows agencies to efficiently intake, review and manage large volumes of leads to resolve major cases and to route and track confidential tips alleging threatening or illicit activities.

Oversee the process of tip and lead collection efficiently with CrimeCenter’s unique and proprietary system, which prioritizes each individual tip or lead and routes it to the correct unit or investigator for tracking and follow-up.

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Internal Affairs

IA Case Management Beyond Reproach

Maintaining the integrity and professional standards of an agency requires a process that drives internal affairs workflow according to best practices while maintaining a highly secure data environment. With CrimeCenter you can record and track complaints from minor violations to allegations of serious misconduct and perform analysis to proactively manage internal investigations in compliance with standards.

CrimeCenter’s reporting tools and dashboards can be used to visualize indicators of risk factors enabling proactive early intervention by supervisory staff. Agency managers are always kept instantly informed and updated of incoming complaints and internal investigative activities.

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