Incident Response & Reporting

Gather all the information you need

Supporting patrol-level police work from the moment a 911 call initializes a response. CrimeCenter facilitates all aspects of response and reporting whether it’s simply a call for service or an incident, making it easier to gather all the information you need while out in the field.

  • Worksheets replace old paper forms
  • More than 200 standard report plus unlimited customizations
  • Incremental Smart Forms break down complex matters into small, manageable pieces, presenting only the forms and fields you need and pre-filling any duplicate information
  • Instant diagraming capabilities make capturing scene details simple
  • Easy field encounter reports when there’s not action arrest or summons
  • Quickly and simply capture calls for service
  • Designed to always meet national standards for crime reporting
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Investigation Management

Find the details faster and connect the dots

Most records management solutions offer a word processing environment with an organized chronological flow. Fine for inputting information, but when you need to dig out the details, standard records management tools are often little better than paper file folders. CrimeCenter provides better visibility into all aspects of investigation management, allowing you to connect the dots both within a single case as well as between a case and other incidents and investigations. Leverage local and national intelligence, sort through what is actionable and what isn’t, assess the risk of repeat offenders, and improve solvability by linking case files and assets.

  • Incident reports can easily become lead documents in a case file and assigned to an investigator for follow-up
  • Case folders automatically offer a pick list of just the right worksheets for each kind of case
  • Skim-able master index includes essential details such as persons, locations, and property/vehicles
  • Automatic alert triggers for suspects, persons, locations, and more delivered via e­mail, system notification or sms messaging
  • Integrates with commonly accessed records databases such as Motor Vehicles, FBI and NCIC so all the information you need is available in the CrimeCenter dashboard
  • Lock case files for supervisor approval or secondary endorsement while still enabling self-approval of time sensitive matters
  • Assess risk of repeat crime, determine solvability factors and prioritize casework
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Intelligence Management

Empower decision-making and stay compliant

Collecting intelligence is just the beginning. CrimeCenter makes intelligence more actionable with a straightforward rating system that allows for immediate prioritization based on validity of source, value of the information and more. CrimeCenter also automates much of the complex and burdensome tracking, reviewing and purging of old data required for 28 CFR Part 23 compliance. Intelligence is kept both silo-ed and accessible as appropriate.

  • Compile suspicious activity reports, threat or security assessments, situation reports or confidential informant evidence quickly and safely
  • Rate the value of a piece of intelligence and prioritize actionable items
  • Classify information with extensive tagging and flagging
  • Set security clearance levels on each file and each piece of intelligence independently
  • Track when intelligence needs to be reviewed and purged, with notifications automatically sent to your inbox
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Analytics & Reporting

Better visibility for improving solvability

Better report data going in means better results coming out. Deep data mining and report rendering are quick, easy, accurate and pertinent. What has traditionally required flipping through hundreds of pages of paper reports full of peripheral information becomes as simple as a quick search with CrimeCenter. CrimeCenter’s powerful analytics engine responds to even complicated requests with incredibly clear and consistent results, every time.

  • Document-centric architecture means anything and everything is searchable
  • Facilitate linkages with statistical trends
  • Run weapon trend analyses
  • View recidivists by drilling down into reports using clickable links
  • Search incidents by type, dates, locations, person pedigree and more or simply review incident indexes for top-line trends
  • Quickly run and export a report on any query
  • Schedule automatic delivery of regular reports so supervisors can quickly review and prioritize activity across the department
  • Create public crime occurrence reports that show the appropriate generalizations
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Assignments Management

Simplify division of labor and case load distribution

Whether an assignment is related to an active case or simply a stand-alone task like directing traffic at the local football game, CrimeCenter makes it easy to manage – and document – it all. Supervisors can view a top-line list of assignments, answer queries, re-allocate who is involved in which assignments, and manage completed tasks. And extensive permissions means you always know who has done what and when.

  • Track and compare unit caseload and view staff distribution
  • Create new assignments, task individual personnel or teams, and send via e-mail, text or alert
  • Hand-off individual case tasks so an investigation progresses even when an individual is out sick or on temporary leave
  • Review case types and statuses, and manage approvals
  • Set due dates and trigger notifications
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Use of Force & OIS Management

Enable sophisticated internal investigations

Tracking local crime statistics to feed national reporting is a growing trend, especially related to excessive force and OIS. CrimeCenter enables agencies and departments to proactively prepare for a time when such tracking and reporting becomes commonplace if not mandatory, and, for now, provides the analytics to empower sophisticated internal investigations.

  • Enables bifurcated investigation process (administrative/criminal)
  • Highly customized documents for incident and investigation including a public safety statement forms, firearms inspection and evidence, tactical analysis, dash and body cam attachments, location history, officer history, and firearm review board reporting
  • Workflows and sign-offs designed specifically for this type of bifurcated investigation process that allows for both administrative and criminal aspects
  • All Use of Force and OIS case folders are securely silo-ed separate from all other CrimeCenter modules
  • Case folders can be forwarded to a review board for independent assessment
  • Review board opinions are documented right in the case folder
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Crime Scene Management

Keeping crime scene information organized and accessible

When all your information is in one big folder, it’s hard to separate the forensic from the criminal aspects. CrimeCenter allows you to capture crime scene information by presenting only the forms and fields you need while in the field and makes it all accessible to the case as companion evidence without filling up the case folder. Crime scene details are associated with and interlinked to other case details, but can easily be sorted for clarity and better visibility.

  • Template-driven workflow ensure methodical collection process in the field
  • Record scene details and observations in real-time
  • Instant diagraming capabilities make capturing scene details simple
  • Store and access latent print, DNA, and ballistics reports
  • Capture and organize crime scene photos and other media
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Lead Management

Organize, Prioritize and Assign Follow-Up

Accurately recording—and prioritizing—incoming tips can be a chaotic, especially during large, high-profile criminal investigations when hundreds of leads come pouring in. Managing and organizing these leads is critical, however, to ensure that no detail gets overlooked. Oversee the process of lead collection efficiently with CrimeCenter’s unique and proprietary system, which prioritizes each individual lead with a score, automatically adding it to a case and categorizing it for monitoring and follow-up as appropriate.

  • Keep track of incoming leads and prioritize by score
  • Allow supervisors to manage and assign every lead
  • Manage the intake of large numbers of leads
  • Follow up on every relevant lead quickly and efficiently
  • Automatically assign each lead to a specific officer via email
  • Provide automatic reporting on status of leads
  • Establish relationships between related cases
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Property & Evidence

Record, Manage and Purge Records

Record and track every detail with meticulous documentation on the evidence collection, packaging and storage history. With CrimeCenter, officers can record lost or stolen property as well as recovered evidence directly from an incident report, and attach photos, receipts or other documents for easy retrieval. When items need to be sent for forensic testing, CrimeCenter creates the reports and tracks the transmittal process from start to finish. Then, investigators can review evidence associated with the case and prepare follow up investigative reports. Property room managers can also leverage the system’s advanced capabilities for intake, inventory control, audits, history reports and efficient disposition of property.

  • Intake property with photos and evidence labels directly from incident reports
  • Record a complete chain of custody with automated barcode technology
  • Capture vital facts including packaging and marking methods
  • Enter evidence recovery locations and crime scene measurements
  • View complete history reports for any item in the system
  • Conduct inventory audits of property rooms
  • Request forensic analysis and record results of laboratory testing
  • Efficiently purge and dispose of records as needed
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