Law Enforcement Software Features

All law enforcement software is not created equal. Only CrimeCenter gives agencies the investigation tools they need to manage everything from property crimes and arson to homicides without the massive pricetag.

Too many law enforcement agencies still rely on unstructured systems where information is entered into text-based narratives in one place, with photos and videos stored somewhere else. The CrimeCenter law enforcement software solution keeps everything in one place, revealing links and patterns homegrown systems would never show. For efficient investigations and better insights, it’s CrimeCenter – case closed.

Available 24/7, On Any Device

CrimeCenter law enforcement software is hosted in a secure, private cloud environment. That means no servers and no IT headaches. Access case folders and fully structured, complete investigation information anywhere, on any authorized laptop, desktop, Android, iPhone® or iPad®. With CrimeCenter, the investigation doesn’t need to stop when you’re out of the precinct.

Simple Integrations

CrimeCenter makes it possible to integrate your investigation management software platform with third-party solutions and database. Hook your core investigative system into criminal history, motor vehicles, CAD, RMS, LEEP, N-DEx, NCIC or any other source of information – all without writing a single line of code or calling the IT team. Call us to discuss further details about availability and pricing of integrations.

Advanced Investigative Tools

CrimeCenter’s incident-driven smart folders, 200+ worksheet templates and intuitive workflow and reporting capabilities don’t just keep your agency organized. They help it function more efficiently, close cases faster and keep the community safer.