CrimeCenter Software Announces Full Integration With Whooster

Whooster, an investigative data delivery company, can be used directly within all modules of CrimeCenter’s cloud-based case management software.

CrimeCenter Software, a cloud-based case management platform for police and law enforcement agencies, is proud to announce that it now fully integrates with Whooster, an open-source intelligence (OSINT) investigative data solution.

Whether in the intelligence or investigation module, law enforcement agencies can now make searches directly in their case folder, streamlining the process for background investigations and increasing their ability to connect the dots between people, phone records, casework and investigative leads. This integration improves an analyst’s ability to determine if suspicious activity has turned criminal – and if it has, the case can easily be transferred to the investigation team.

“Every case folder has a master index that includes everyone involved in the case, who and what they’re associated with and more. In legacy or homegrown systems, this index is cumbersome to navigate when a new tip or lead comes in. But thanks to the Whooster integration, agencies can simply go directly into the case folder to initiate a public records search and import the results: the master index is at their fingertips like never before,” explained Mike Cunningham, operations manager, CrimeCenter Software. “Now when an officer gets a tip or lead, their ability to connect dots with up-to-date data improves tenfold. Combined with link analysis already built into our software, intelligence analysts and investigators are delivered a clear snapshot of every possible public record connection in the case. This integration makes the intelligence and investigative process much more seamless for law enforcement.”

“Our mission at Whooster is to support client agencies to help them become safer and more efficient,” said Richard Spradley, Whooster Founder and CEO. “We’re excited about this integration with CrimeCenter, as it allows us to extend our coverage to law enforcement agencies not yet in our network.    We are confident this integration will assist CrimeCenter’s clients in solving their cases as it currently does with our clients.”

To see the integration in action, try CrimeCenter Software free for 60 days by clicking here.

About CrimeCenter Software

CrimeCenter Software is a cloud-based case management application built by law enforcement, for law enforcement. Accessible on any mobile or desktop device, CrimeCenter delivers intelligent investigation management and analytics capabilities. It exists to help all agencies – small, medium or large – function more effectively and better serve their communities. Headquartered in Newark, New Jersey, CrimeCenter Software is strategically located just west of New York City.

To learn more, visit or follow @crimecenter on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and YouTube.

About Whooster

Whooster delivers open-source intelligence (OSINT) investigative data solutions to law enforcement, government agencies and private sector clients who need reliable real-time delivery of accurate U.S. and International Person – Phone – Criminal – Court – Assets – Business and License Data of individuals and businesses. Through SMS/Text Messaging, Web Based, Batch, Direct Connect and Integrated DaaS Solutions, Whooster Data Fusion technology delivers the up-to-date, reliable data needed for enforcement, regulatory, and private concerns.

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