CrimeCenter Software Integrated in New York Institute of Technology Criminal Justice Curriculum

Classes taught by Professor Andrew Costello will receive a hands-on learning experience using CrimeCenter Software.

CrimeCenter Software, the developers of a one-of-a-kind case management software developed by law enforcement experts for law enforcement officers, is pleased to announce that its software has been integrated into the Criminal Justice curriculum at New York Institute of Technology (NYIT). In classes taught by Professor Andrew Costello, students will receive hands-on experience of learning how to document a crime scene and recover evidence using CrimeCenter, and then be evaluated on their ability to do so successfully at the end of the course.

“The next generation of law enforcement officers have technology at their fingertips like never before, but it’s not enough to simply learn about it in a textbook; they need to learn by doing,” said James Belrose, client engagement manager, CrimeCenter Software. “We couldn’t be happier to help foster the educational experience of the students at NYIT by allowing them to dive headfirst into our case management software. We are thrilled to be one of the first technology vendors to provide this kind of real-world training to future law enforcement professionals to set them up for success and be ready, willing and able to serve when their time comes.”

“Technology is changing the law enforcement game,” said Costello. “It’s my responsibility to help prepare students for their future careers and by having access to CrimeCenter, they’re able to fully immerse themselves in the process of a criminal justice investigation. It’s classroom learning that can be directly applied to the field.”

Learn more about the Bachelor’s in Criminal Justice program at NYIT here and Professor Andrew Costello here.

About CrimeCenter Software

CrimeCenter Software is a complete case management system that captures, organizes and allows for easy analysis of data coming into a police department or precinct from incident and intelligence to investigation and arrest. Designed by law enforcement experts, CrimeCenter Software is designed to relieve the common case management pain points – with more than 200 standard reports plus unlimited customizations and a smart document approach. Headquartered in Newark, New Jersey, CrimeCenter Software is strategically located about 15 miles west of New York City.

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