CrimeCenter Software to Present at IHIA Basic Homicide Investigators Course

CrimeCenter Software, a cloud-based case management platform for police and law enforcement agencies, will speak at the International Homicide Investigators Association (IHIA) Regional Show in Atlantic City, NJ on May 15.

“We’re honored to have the opportunity to speak directly to investigators involved with major cases at this internationally-recognized meeting,” said Mike Cunningham, operations manager, CrimeCenter Software. “Too many agencies are stuck using paper-based narratives and homegrown systems to track their investigations. With that said, we will be speaking about the importance of leveraging modern technology to save time and resources and, ultimately, keep communities safer. We hope to enlighten them on the new way they can track and prepare court-room ready cases, no matter how complex the crime, with our cloud-based case management software.”

The IHIA offers training for law enforcement individuals tasked with investigating homicides or other violent crime, introducing the core minimum standard of training in conjunction with updates, changes in the law and the latest advancements in science and technology. The course will run for 5 days/40 hours starting on May 13 – with CrimeCenter presenting on May 15. The course covers topics from the basic responsibilities of the homicide investigator and duties of the first responder to crime scene analysis, suspect development and case management best practices.

Learn more about the IHIA Atlantic City regional meeting here.

About CrimeCenter Software

CrimeCenter Software is a web-based investigative case management application built by law enforcement, for law enforcement. Accessible on any mobile or desktop device, CrimeCenter delivers intelligent investigation management and analytic capabilities which provides investigators with key information leading to conclusions that otherwise may not have been possible for both internal and criminal investigations. It exists to allow all agencies – small, medium or large – to function more effectively and better serve their communities. Headquartered in Newark, New Jersey, CrimeCenter Software is strategically located just west of New York City.

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