CrimeCenter Software to Sponsor IHIA Advanced Homicide/Violent Crime Investigations Course

CrimeCenter Software, a modern investigation management system developed by law enforcement experts for law enforcement officers, will feature its web-based investigation management application at the International Homicide Investigators Association Advanced Homicide and Violent Crimes Investigations Course during the week of March 11 in New Orleans, Louisiana.

“We’re excited for this opportunity to support the mission of the International Homicide Investigators Association,” said Mike Cunningham, operations manager, CrimeCenter Software. “The CrimeCenter team, myself included, is made up of retired NYPD detectives. We recognize that every criminal investigation is different and the importance of uniting as a community to discuss unique experiences, exchange information and help one another more effectively conduct these complex investigations. Our tool is designed to help investigators seamlessly organize an investigation, keep track of every moving part and uncover key insights more efficiently than ever. We hope to bring value to the attendees’ training – just as meeting with active law enforcement members brings value to us, as we continuously update our software so it’s more applicable to real-world scenarios.”

The IHIA offers advanced training across a wide range of disciplines to law enforcement individuals by renowned experts. The Homicide Investigation/Violent Crimes Course will feature topics from exploitation of digital evidence to identifying unknowns and evaluating serial crime scenes, instructed by various members of the FBI.

Learn more about the IHIA training event here.

About CrimeCenter Software

CrimeCenter Software is a web-based investigative case management application built by law enforcement, for law enforcement. Accessible on any mobile or desktop device, CrimeCenter delivers intelligent investigation management and analytic capabilities which provides investigators with key information leading to conclusions that otherwise may not have been possible for both internal and criminal investigations. It exists to allow all agencies – small, medium or large – to function more effectively and better serve their communities. Headquartered in Newark, New Jersey, CrimeCenter Software is strategically located just west of New York City.

To learn more, visit or follow @crimecenter on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and YouTube.

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