Intelligence Management

Intelligence Management

Empower decision-making and stay compliant

Manage intelligence investigations, situation reporting and updates, intelligence tips and leads, suspicious activity reporting, threat reporting and security assessments. Leverage local and national intelligence and make it more actionable with a rating system that records information based on the nature and reliability of the source and the value and validity of the content.

Sort through what’s actionable and what isn’t, assess risk and improve collaboration by linking case files and assets and importing case information from queries and disparate information sources. Conduct link analysis on a single case or across entire master indexes and import data from other sources to include in link charts.

Secure information by indicating the security clearance for system users. Documents can then be classified to restrict access to only properly credentialed users. Individual Intelligence cases can be silo-ed within an individual team or shared more broadly to authorized users throughout the agency according to need.

Not only that, but CrimeCenter ensures security and automates the complex and burdensome tracking, reviewing and purging of intelligence data required for 28 CFR Part 23 compliance.

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