Investigation Management

Investigation Management

Manage investigations with better clarity than ever before.

When it comes to recording investigative information, many agencies rely on a records management system where follow-up information is entered on generic supplements in narrative form. Fine for memorializing text, but when you need to gain insight into case progression or dig down into the details to find links and patterns these basic tools are often little better than paper file folders.

Investigations take many forms and a one size fits all approach to case management can leave holes in the process, allowing important details to slip through the cracks. That’s why CrimeCenter uses incident driven smart folders to power different types of investigations and guide workflows. From property crimes to major homicides and from narcotics to missing persons, CrimeCenter has a proven case management solution.

CrimeCenter’s document-centric architecture provides better visibility into all aspects of investigation management, allowing you to manage workloads, keep abreast of what’s been done in a case and what hasn’t, assess solvability and efficiently record and track follow-up activities. It can even integrate with existing CAD or RMS systems to provide a solid starting point for investigations.

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