Use of Force & OIS Management

Use of Force & OIS Management

Enable sophisticated internal investigations

The use of force is an unavoidable byproduct of policing. Every day officers are expected to confront the most dangerous individuals and take them into custody to protect society. During the process officers are sometimes assaulted themselves and frequently left with no choice but to respond with necessary force. However, use of force always demands proper documentation and review and if its an officer involved shooting (OIS) an immediate and thorough investigation is required.

These incidents often garner high profile attention and public scrutiny. If the investigation is not perceived to be properly managed and thoroughly documented, the entire agency can suffer. CrimeCenter provides the framework to document each occurrence where force is used and our OIS case folders will ensure the investigation is methodically completed from on-scene investigations to officer interviews to findings of a review board.

Tracking and reporting statistics for use of force and officer involved shootings is a growing national trend. CrimeCenter provides the analytics to empower sophisticated internal investigations and manage risk while preparing for the potential of mandatory reporting.

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